Friday, March 30, 2007

About Michlelle Robinson

Father: Fraser Robinson
Mother: Marion Robinson
Brother: Craig Robinson

Michelle Robinson was raised in a one-bedroom apartment on Chicago's South Shore. She shared space in the living room with her brother separated with a divider to serve as their bedrooms. Both Michelle and her older brother, marvel that, from such humble beginning they have been thrust in the global spotlight as Barack has become front runner in the Democrat election '08 primary contest.

Michelle says of her dad: "My father had M.S. and worked every day and rarely complained. He died on his way to work. He wasn’t feeling well, but he was going to get in that car and go. That’s how we grew up, living your life to be sure that you make the most of it. If what you’re doing doesn’t bring you joy every single day, what’s the point?”

Her mom still lives in that same one-bedroom apartment which is protected by a burglar-proof wrought-iron door and secured windows. (although some reports call it a bungalow)

Her father, Fraser Robinson, provided for the family of four on a city worker’s salary. Her mother, (now 70) stayed home and allowed their two children only one hour of television a night.

Michelle and Craig were expected to fill their time with books, chess, sports — and, critically important they both said, dinnertime conversations with their parents.

Her maternal grandfather, a carpenter, was squeezed out of the best jobs in Chicago because as a black man he was not allowed to join a union. She said she was taught not to see race as a barrier, to look at the world in terms of what is possible, not the other way around.

“My parents told us time and time again, ‘Don’t tell us what you can’t do, and don’t worry about what can go wrong.’ ”

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