Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carolyn Fisher

Friday, May 19, 2006

"In fact these women, the minute I walked in were so sweet and caring and giving me a lot of tips, showing me the ropes. You know, “Oh, you’re in for felony assault, I know about that one, get thrown down on the sidewalk, yeah, yeah, the knee in the back, uh huh, happened to me too.” Sharing their stories with me. And of course some of the women in there genuinely were hardened criminals. Or genuinely did have some serious mental problems. But I would say 90% or 95% of them were actually either set up because they talked back to a cop, defied a cop, kicked ‘em in the shin, or they are serious victims of the system..." Carolyn Fisher aka: 53 year old woman arrested for hanging a sign.

Back in the day, volunteer activities included "getting the word out", advertising. I was young, when I learned that law, "thou shalt not hang signs on telephone poles, so I never did. Don't know if Ms Fisher was aware of the law; see "Missing Person" "Lost Pet" "Yard Sale" "Help Wanted" signs on telephone poles all the time. Police don't seem to enforce the law or give out tickets. Kinda like that "thou shalt not spit on sidewalks" one. They could easily ticket the Yard Sale ones, the info is there and the signs stay up long after the event is over.

Ms Fisher was charged with "Resisting Arrest", wonder what she was being arrested for, hanging a sign on a telephone pole? Won't a ticket have sufficed? Whatever. I'm not as brave as Ms Fisher. I won't darest "question authority". The judge ordered Psychiatric evaluation because the only people who question authority are the mentally ill. Um, um, um...

Like the homeless guy that got killed at the Long Beach Aquarium after he didn't obey the officer's command to stop looking for aluminum cans in the trash.

Postscript: Article links no longer active. A bit of info here.

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