Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kathyrn Jean Lopez...

Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 05:54 AM (this was a long one and will break it into parts)

...wrote an Opinion piece called, "Thelma & Hillary", pondering if it is time for a woman President in the USA. She makes some valid points in her critique, but this bothers me:

"The American people might be perfectly happy to elect a qualified woman to the White House (the latest Gallup poll on the question had 92 percent saying they would), but they’re not going be guilted into electing the first lady president. A country well familiar with the concept of female bosses—including in their homes—can see through whiny glass-ceiling nonsense, even if such old-maid rhetoric is still bringing in money to groups like the White House Project that don’t even live on Venus, never mind Earth."

Sounds like those lesbo feminist* haters wrote that. Ms Lopez is obviously one of the lucky ladies that has never been discriminated against because she is female. She also probably has never been thrown on the floor by a husband, sat on punched and choked. Nor raped by a father, as a virgin girl. Never been raped when a grandmother, or college co-ed, or simply jogging in a park. "Old-maid rhetoric"? Oh my. Female boss in the home? Tell that to the ladies trapped in an abusive relationship, the victims of domestic violence and verbal abuse. The ones that can't get out, because he holds the finacial power. Um, um, um. I wonder if she lives on the same earth that I do.

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