Friday, March 23, 2007

More on Thelma & Hillary

Ms Lopez is critical of Geena Davis, the "Thelma" in her article title. She objects to Ms Davis' use of the word "crime". One of the definitions of "crime" is "A serious offense, especially one in violation of morality" and another, "An unjust, senseless, or disgraceful act or condition". Yeah, I agree with Ms Davis, it is "senseless, unjust and disgraceful" that a women has never been elected to help lead the country, in it's highest office. Or a "crime". I think rape is a serious offense, a violation of morality. Men have held the highest office, what have they done about rape? Perhaps a woman would address the issue and work towards it's prevention. I certainly would make it a high priority, for the citizens of a country I got paid to "serve and protect".

She does not make mention of Ms Davis' work to teach impressionable little girls that they are not victims of men, women and evil step-parents, That they do not have to wait to be rescued by Knights in Shining Armor. That they do have a rights as human beings. In this I tend to agree with Ms Lopez's contention that women are whiny and swayed by old-maid rhetoric. She is the perfect example of that. Um, um, um.

Postscript: Link to Ms. Lopez's article no longer active. Lopez was ranting about Geena Davis saying something like "I think it is a crime that we have never had a female president in the U.S.A." Hence my sarcasm about Ms. Lopez's own personality. Ya, see, attitudes are contagious! Read: Genna Davis Making a Positive Difference.

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