Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Kind of Ladies

5/2/2006 - My Kind of Ladies

I have sympathy for the 46 year old undocumented Mexican Cleaning Lady. It's back breaking work, for conscientious workers, like me. Have stayed in many motels, some do good jobs, some do not. Easier to do the job when one is 20 something, then one is 46. I know, I have been there/done that. So, yes sympathetic for her plight, tho' she has no sympathy for me. Moving right along.

Always liked Geena Davis, especially her performance in "A League of Their Own". She is a smart lady. She knows children's self-esteem begins in childhood and is often influenced by how boys and girls are portrayed by the Media. Little girls in my day, were shown that women are helpless, abused Princess' needing rescuing by a handsome Knight in Shinning Armor. She wants little girls today to learn that women can become President. She is doing something about it.

Do not know much about Pink, but she just made my list of Women I Admire. Wrote a song, that expresses the voices of all caring people everywhere: Dear Mr President. Cried when I watched the video. Powerful, emotional, plea for the man. He is a man, is he not? A human being just like you and me. And all the people he orders slaughtered and tortured. She wants to know what he thinks about when he looks at "The Man in the Mirror".

Mr President does not allow anyone to disagree with him. That is why 53 year old, Carolyn Fisher is going to jail. She could get a suspended sentence by agreeing to psychiatric evaluation. The judge feels anyone who questions authority must be mentally insane. Is that what life has come down to? Our mothers used to say, "if everybody jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do the same". So if authority tells us to do what is not right, a sane person would not question them? That is what the judge told her. Because she questions the President's authority. What if one's authority comes from God (goddess, as we know s/he)? Reading what they do to Teresa Grady, know the rough road before Carolyn. Sad world to me.

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