Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rant on Kathryn Lopez continued

I often wonder about a female president. How would she have handled airplanes running into tall buildings? Would she bring males into the Oval office, to help ease the tension of the position, by providing sexual release? Would she hysterically order sending sons and daughters off to a foreign land to kill strangers? Would she consider a better way? What is the better way, by the
way, got me by the sneakers on that one, how to deal with bullies and rapists, child molesters. If I were president, I might order them castrated, that might send a nice little message to the brutal men of the world. We are women, we are fed up, we are not accepting second class treatment anymore. That is why I think men fear women having power. We might put an end to their nonesense of using, often superior physical strength, to brutalize females, and children, both males and females.

The Patriot Act, how did Hillary vote on that, now that is a good question, for anyone running for the office of President. What about the rights of the Mexican Mafia to enter the country illegally, how does she feel about them? And the La Raza demands for Azltan? The ones ignorant of the fact that Mexico was paid for the land. Before I would vote for Hillary or any man or woman, I want to know if s/he were to represent my rights as a born, tax paying citizen. Whiny? Old maid-rhetoric? Um, um, um.

I know how representative Cynthia McKinney and Hillary Clinton feel about the War on Iraq. I would vote for McKinney for President, but not for Ms Clinton. Of course, Ms Clinton is playing kissy-face with President Bush, a man that has the power and money to get her elected. Whereas Ms McKinney points out his corruption; again the man uses his power and connections to discredit her. Yet Ms Lopez who uses her media power of influencing people, to inform others that other women are whiny and perhaps we should repel Amendment 19. Ooh, that is real great. Let us play right into the guys hands, that stereotype women as being too dumb to vote. Um, um, um.

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