Saturday, March 31, 2007

Women's History Month

Ah! Someone decided to see what I wrote in March, eh. Actually started this blog on July 5, 2007. If you have read some of my stuff, you know I decided not to renew my domain names and began dismantling 3 websites and attached blogs in November 2007. Homeless for Obama? Whatever was I thinking? "America we can do better than that," said the Senator speaking about our homeless vets, that is what I was thinking, okay. What happens after the election? The URL will stay "homeless for Obama" but the name will have to change.

March was added to this blog on 12/30/2007. March is Women's History Month and I have been known to blog or rant about females here and there. And government. And politics. I have so many drafts copied and saved as drafts here, I decided it best to publish the old stuff about ladies now and what better month to place them, except March.

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