Saturday, July 14, 2007

Homeless Vet Demographics

Homeless counts do not count for much except a best estimate. My friend, Albert is lying in a hospital as I type. He is a Viet Nam war vet. He is homeless. It is hard to say if he was counted when Long Beach volunteers set out to count the number of homeless people living within the city. He was sleeping in the winter shelter when he had a massive heart attack that left him in a coma.

A survey of homeless assisstance providers and clients by the National Interagency Council on the homeless tallied results and came up with "Homeless Vet Demographics". They reported that among male homeless vets they were "46% Caucasian, 45% African American, 5% Hispanic, 4% Native American, and 1% Other."

  1. 8% served August 1990 or later
  2. 17% served from September 1980 - July 1990
  3. 32% served post-Vietnam, May 1975-August 1980
  4. 47% served during the Vietnam Era, August 1964-May 1975
  5. 15% served pre-Vietnam, February 1955-July 1964
  6. 4% served during Korean conflict, June 1950 - January 1955
  7. 1% served during World War II, September 1940- July 1947
  8. 67% served three or more years
  9. 33% stationed in war zone, 28% of whom report being exposed to combat
  10. 11% did not receive honorable discharges

The survey was conducted in 1996, so does not include Iraqi war vets.

Think about that the next time you are tempted to label a homeless person: bum. Senator Obama says: "America, we can do better than that." in preventing homelessness among our veterans.

Use this link for the entire list of homeless vet demographics.

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jerry odonnell said...

I so feel for the homeless Obama needs to help them asap why give almost one billion to gaza when millions of americans are going homeless. We need to pray!