Monday, August 6, 2007

Stevie Wonder

Watching a You Tube video showing Stevie Wonder performing "Blowin' in the Wind" sometime in the 1990's as a 30 year anniversary celebration to honor the songs author, Bob Dylan, Stevie gave a bit of speech. He talked about the relevance of the tune when he first sang it in the 1960's and takes us decade by decade until that present moment in time. He said:

" you think about who you should vote for I want you to vote for that person that is gong to commit to bringing unity to all people not only throughout the world but in this country, vote for the one who is going to commit to opening up his heart..."

Senator Obama sorely disappointed me when he took up GWB's flag on the "War on Terror", and now my vote is up for grabs. Someone needs to be big enough, to say, enough is enough, and stop the cycle of hatred that creates tomorrow's warriors today. The answer, my friend, is till blowin' in the wind.

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