Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. Thousands have united to blog on one subject today: the environment. The idea behind this action is to get millions of readers minds focused on this important subject. Some diehards are still insisting Global Warming is a hoax or a myth. Living in an ocean front town, news that the Pacific Ocean has warmed a degree or so, interests me. Being a heat freak I did miss the tad bit warmer Atlantic Ocean waters when I relocated across the country. It boggles my mind that people find oil willing to kill or die for, without ever considering, "Hey it will soon be gone, what can I do today to stop the depletion of an nonrenewable energy source?" Wake up, peoples: when it isgone it is gone. How about mandatory solar panels on all new building construction?

I hold with the old German expression: Dig a well, before you are thirsty.

My blog action day action was to post an environment on my 4 website blogs. However can one find relevance with sports, specifically basketball, to the environment? I managed to find an angle and these are my "6 for the Environment"

  1. Save Water
  2. Adopt-A-Beach
  3. Growing Up Charles Street
  4. Little Things Mean A Lot?
  5. Village Recycling
  6. Homeless Man Sets Aluminum Can Record

Postscript: Getting rid of websites and blogs attached, also means I have a lot of posts to my blogs listed here, there and everywhere. Perhaps I will bring those posts over here. 11/29/2007 Rearranging Homeless in Long Beach blog, decided to move this post here, as it has little to do with homelessness, except the last two. 12/27/07

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