Monday, November 26, 2007

Bush Flash

Shad and Sarah are two social service workers.

Sarah has told me she could use her college degree to get a much better paying job. Child of a turbulent marriage with an alcoholic father, she became involved with an older guy, getting pregnant at like 13. The guy was abusive and she later learned a drug abuser. Her frustrations with dealing with social service workers fueled her desire to help others. Irish ancestry, the freckle faced Sarah can not be missed, due to her long dreads and unique style of dressing. She shops Salvation Army and other Thrift stores, loves nature and simplicity. Sarah Supports Obama for President.

It may have been Shad's upper middle class upbringing that sent him off to foreign lands with the Peace Corps. Like Sarah, he is not in it for the money. Casual is his style, in dress and in manner. Shad likes Kucinich's peace message, but he supports Obama.

Both Shad and Sarah are Homeless Advocates. But what does that have to do with the title? When you think about who you are going to vote for and why, you might want to consider some of the things that Sarah and Shad already know. I assume that they know them, from the many conversations we have had. Although the short slide show is titled "Bush" it will give you some food for thought on qualities to look for as you cast your vote in the coming primary elections.


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