Friday, November 23, 2007

Dance Off

A creative YouTuber showed a dance off between 'Barack' and 'Hillary'. That got me to thinking and I propose a Dance Off between all the candidates.

Rules: Each candidate gets to pick their fav dance tune.
Each candidate has to dance for 1 minute to all the other candidates tunes.
They are not allowed to know what songs the other candidates choose before the moment it starts playing.
They all dance at once, in a line, which gives them less time to be prepared for their moves, as they watch the others.
Next each candidate gets to do a solo dance with a surprise song picked by a third party. Perhaps a panel of dancers from different genres, such as John Travolta for his dancing in Saturday Night Fever; Patrick Swayze and whatshername from Dirty Dancing; Michael Jackson, okay no one likes him anymore, how about MC Hammer or Usher?

Anyone can learn the Chicken Dance and most people can handle the Electric Slide, but some people put their own spin on it; who wants a President that follows the crowd? Not me.

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