Thursday, November 29, 2007

Goose Bumps

While it seems most people have been talking turkey, Black Friday and planning their Christmas, New Years eve and other holidays, I am getting goose bumps in anticipation for the first primary elections, which are about 39 days away. Pundits I am told say that these first primary elections set the tone for the rest of the race, making them of utmost importance.

Of course I lack trust in anything going on in DC and most are aware of Florida election fraud in the past. Please, please, please vote Obama in January. As much as you may like Kucinich, his chances of sweeping enough states to get the Dem. nomination are slim. We, the people, need to end the Reagen/Bush, Bush, Clinton, Bush monarchy or monopoly. Obama voted no to the war in Iraq whereas Senator Clinton turned a deaf ear on Iraqi and US females pleas to intervene.

I repeat, please, please, please vote Obama in January. If you are from states not listed below, there may still be time for you to get registered to vote. Do so now. Okay?

January Primary Election Dates
1/08/2008 District of Columbia
1/14/2008 Iowa
1/19/2008 Nevada
1/22/2008 New Hampshire
1/22/2008 Wyoming
1/29/2008 Florida
1/29/2008 South Carolina

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