Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Great Moment in American History

from Mason Ray in Milwaukee WI:

I live in Milwaukee, and just returned from Sen. Obama's "conference."

As we all know by now, there was a terrible shooting that went on today and Mr. Obama was obviously very affected by this. Instead of his usual video montage and flashy entrance, he just walked out on stage. He didn't say his usual things, he just spoke about what was in his heart, and it was amazing.

He talked about different types of violence: physical, emotional, racial. One example he talked about was how he had just marched in an anniversary march of a civil rights movement. When he was finished a person at the march said "Wow. That was a great moment in African-American History." Obama's reply was, "No, that was a great moment in American History."

It killed. His sincerity and authenticity were so apparent and he is by far the best candidate for the American People. He also, instead of talking for an hour, which he normally does, he talked for only about 20 minutes and then shook hands with the crowd. I was lucky enough to get to shake his hand AND I gave him a hug. He embodies the change and respect that our country needs. Before he left the stage, he did say this, "This campaign can not be about me. It has to be about you and my campaign is just a vehicle for your voice to be heard." He was utterly amazing, I can't even explain it.

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