Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Practical Solutions to Ending Racism?

"...let's think in practical and common sense ways about solving problems..."  Barack Obama speaking to David Letterman.

Barack Obama believes the majority of US citizens are "decent people".  He believes that, we, the people, want common sense government. Is there a practical and common sense way to rid the world of bigotry and racists? Some of my articles relating to the topics:

"Soul Sister" by Grace Halsell, A Book Review and Commentary

"What Next: A Memoir Towards World Peace" by Walter Moseley

"A Brief Look at Rainbows, Arcs and Snowflakes"

Walk for Change: Politics in the 2000s

2008 Presidential Candidates On You Tube

Will Obama Girl Help or Hinder The Senator's Campaign?

Victoria Woodhull For President?

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