Saturday, December 1, 2007

After the Election

AMERICAN WOMEN PRESIDENTS says, "After 135 year's it's about time", unfortunately, I do not support Senator Hillary Clinton for Pres nominee on the Democratic ticket 2008.

Wonder what to do with this blog after the elections. I am in the process of copying 3 websites to blogger, due to irritation with my web host and service providers, "new and improved" system. I worry a bit: what if Blogger goes under somewhere down the road or if they update/upgrade and I lose my work in the process. Did feel safer with Freewebs; but can not see spending scarce dollars for a service that does no longer serves.

As I copied info from my "All About Mary" web directory, I thought the above would fit here, being about politics, ya see. I wrote that way before I got interested in Senator Obama for Pres.

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