Wednesday, December 12, 2007

After the Election

Pondering what to do with this blog after the primary elections are over. Hopefully Obama will be on that Democrat ticket and sweep the election, November 2008. A lot can transpire between now and then and can not say I have much hope for my personal future. Had that thing in place in my homed days. Affairs in order, could die happy, had a good life. Today?

How could I die happy today when I have made this mess of websites and blogs! My next-of-kins lives 3,000 miles away. Busy, busy people. I did have my accounts in order, so that if I died unexpectedly it would not be much of a problem for them. Affiliate commissions go directly to my oldest daughter. Horror if something happened to her, when I count on her so much. Aargh! Did not have to deal with such stuff, back in my settled day. Anyway...

As I plod through those copied blog posts from 4 websites, daunted by the task of reposting, but loathe to simply delete it all, I got the grand idea to use this blog for the politically oriented stuff I took the time to blog & rant about on the various old blogs. Laugh, too that some of that stuff I saved came from right here at Blogger.

Okay. That is my intro to why I am not blogging about Obama. If you read, you will notice why Obama caught my attention as the perfect candidate for Pres 2009. 'Tis said the only person who can change their mind is the person who has one and it is a woman's prerogative to change their mind. I must not have a mind, nor be too womanly, eh. Read on.

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