Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Angry Atheists

Yikes. This blog post from is 912 words! Perhaps I should turn it into an Associated Content article. Be the change you want to be in the world. (Gandhi) Make love, not war. Taking a clue from Senator Obama early in his campaign I decided stuff like this was on the making war side of stuff, rather than the intent of causing people to think and say, yeah, you have a point there...

Will break the Angry Atheist blog post into paragraph size posts.

I do not know any. Do however know a lot of angry Christians. They are angry about the "War on Christianity". They are angry because they want their God given right to lie, cheat and steal. (Catholic illegal immigrants to the USA) They are angry about Muslims~let's kill 'em all. They are angry at me, because I do not believe how they believe, that is the silliest thing of all.

I read about angry Muslims, tho' the ones I personally know are not angry at all, just good, loving, prayerful people, that's all. The Wiccans I know are all about respecting earth, it's resources, all living things; some get angry when Christians try to jam their beliefs down their throats. It's kinda hard not to react in anger when others are slapping one around with ugly words. The others of course, don't have time to listen, to hear what one has to say. Close-minded is the word that comes to mind.

Can not say that I personally know any angry Hebrews. Tho' I think there are quite a few in the Middle East. Most of the Jewish people I know are more interested in money than religion. Hindus? Buddhas? Others? It seems the most angry people I personally know, or read about are Christians. The other religious groups seem to accept others rights to believe in God/Goddess as they know s/he.

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