Monday, December 10, 2007

Apathy Is Not...

...the same thing as withdrawing in disgust. Author of that quote is unknown. Withdrew in disgust, early on when it came to politics and voting. Can not fight city hall became a true truism. Being in a bad marriage did not help things and do not remember when I first registered to vote. Surely not the year I turned 21.

Growing up "1984" "On The Beach" "Animal Farm" "The Fountainhead" and Big Brother is Watching You in addition to the generations mantra: Do not trust anyone over 30 created a very apathetic person, indeed. That apathy still shows up as per this post from Ma's Games. It was Senator Obama, the hope monger, that well, gave me hope for a brighter tomorrow. Senator Obama's optimism is an attitude worth catching.

I picture that old tune playing on election day 2008 or soon after in Jan. 2009: happy days are here again..., rather like in the old days of politics before my time. The GWB administration has a dark cloud of doom hanging over the entire nation or maybe just over my head. I have seen a change for the bitter in those around me in my little corner of the world. We need a leader that spreads Obama's cheery kind of love for each other.

I thank you, my children thank you, my grandchildren thank you, my yet to be born great grandchildren thank you, citizens around the world will thank you too.

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