Monday, December 17, 2007

Bill To Kill Babies...

...after they are born. Horrors! I had not heard about it, have you? Such a controversial Bill making it's way through Congress would surely make front page news, would it not? I realize the lawmakers want to keep information from the citizens, in this government, "Of, for, and by the people", but this stuff is getting a bit insane and out of hand. If someone is introducing legislation to legalize killing babies, I want to know about it. I want the right to vote on it. Are we back in the early days of Civilization when child sacrifice was the norm. When Kings could order the killing of all male babies born? Was it reported in the old Testament part of the Christian Bible that is why Moses was put in a cradle boat, to be found and raised by someone else?

Sarcastic eh, but I do not believe there ever was such a bill. Could be wrong. Naive. Elected officials that lie about one thing, that are guilty, but never convicted, nor tried due to their Election fraud, would be capable of anything. Yet, I still believe the statement: "she voted to kill babies after they are born" is not a fact, but part of a smear campaign. Notice the web-article, doesn't give any ref's to prove the fact. No Bill #, name, docket. (if dockets are part of the process). Just a loud outcry. Some reading this might believe it is true. A woman like that is disgusting. Legalize killing babies, what is she some kind of freak?

Continuing the article, one will find more lies and 1/2 truths. An image of the Congress woman is formed from that first chilling statement, based on what? Fact?


What's more likely, tho' I have not done any investigative studying, is she voted against legislation that would challenge the Supreme Court decision, in Roe vs Wade. Substitute, "conceived" or "embryo" or "fetus" for "born" and "baby" and the statement takes on new form. To some, the newborn is the same as the newly conceived. People that don't think a 13 year old raped by her father should have a choice in how to handle the resultant pregnancy, have decided to define when life begins, when the soul enters the body. As if anything except faith can prove the existence of souls.

I have done some research on this woman. I could be wrong. But I truly believe, based on people I know, that she is the victim of a smear campaign simply because of the color of her skin. Racism is alive and well in these United States of America. As well as Sexism.

Postscript: Link to article no longer active.

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