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09:09, Wednesday, February 15, 2006
According to BBC Science & Nature "Smoking marijuana is more popular in America than surfing the Internet". And? Their point being? How did they determine this fact? Did they take a survey among Americans and say "hey, would you rather smoke pot or surf the net come on now raise your hand!" "hey, dude, man, smoke and (cough, cough) surf, man, (lol) you'll (lol) (cough, cough) laugh (whiney high-pitched lol) your pants (cough, wheeze) off, hys-ter-i-a-cull, man, (nods) (head bobs up) (stares) hey, man, dude..."

The article offers interesting info about cannabis, including a quiz. Often wondered about the avid anti-smokers who, um, smoke pot.

Facts presented state that it has a higher tar content than tobacco, so poses the same health problems as cigarette smoking. So there, put that in your pipe and, um, smoke it!

"Do you think it should be legalized?" poll: 82.5% that voted said "yes". My opinion? No. Once 'legalized' the government will step in, which could be a good thing, assuring quality product. But, will soon become over-priced with taxes. Users that can not afford it will commit crimes to obtain it. Think it should be neither legal, nor illegal. Just as being fined for spitting on a sidewalk should not be considered a crime. Or being homeless. But that's a different story for another day.

Postscript: Link to the article no longer active.

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