Monday, December 24, 2007

Castration for Sex Offenders?

According to MSN news story, "Castration a solution for sex offenders?", this is legal practice in several states. Most often, sex offenders are given shots, to inhibit their sex drive, rather than castrating them. One prisoner castrated himself and said it worked; fantasies and desires to molest children were gone.

To the best of my knowledge, laws prohibiting crimes, do not stop criminals from committing them. Men who molest children, know they are doing wrong. They tell the child, "do not tell anyone" or threaten, "if you tell anyone...". Just maybe, if the guy knew, getting caught could cost him his "manhood", he might reconsider before following through with his fantasies. What do you think?


Postscript: During a conversation with a guy about a brutal rape and murder, I suggested we have a law to castrate rapists. Seconds before he was talking about the man being severely punished by law for his crime. He said he did not agree with castration: Can not take away a man's manhood" were his words. I no longer feel a rapist castration law is a good idea for the same reason I do not condone the Death Penalty. Too many innocents wind up on death row. Having been found guilty in Kangaroo Courts of non-law (personal incidents) I feel for the innocents proven guilty in legal Kangaroo courts of law.

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