Sunday, December 30, 2007

Conclusion: Angry Atheists

I stand outside under the Arizona stars at night and I think about God, religion, human beings. Science tells me stars are burning masses of gases, much like our own sun. So all those "suns" could have planets revolving around them. How did that come about? A god created it all, that is fine by me. If an atheist believes it just happened, that is fine by me as well. Unlike those infantile Indonesians throwing live animals into volcano's to appease the gods floating above the bubbling hot lava, or the early Hebrews throwing children into fires, I do not think acts of natural have anything to do with a god.

So if atheists are angry, I think it would because they are above average intelligence and tired of adults that think like little children. Something like that.

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from Angry Atheists Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2006
*Those were the Technorati tags I used at the end of my 912 word rant on Christians babbling on and on about Angry Atheists. When Senator Obama came on the scene I was quite impressed about his ability to accept all religions despite being a devout Christian himself.

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