Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cynthia McKinney

To clarify the last post "Bill To Kill Babies": The article was blasting Senator McKinney and said: "She voted to kill babies after they are born". I went to the then Senator's website and did some researching. I learned a lot about Ms. McKinney. Often said I agree it is time for a woman president and I would vote for a woman but Cynthia McKinney is not running for office. Or Senator Obama was my second best for the job.

She introduced a token bill, just as her last term ended, to impeach Bush and Cheney. Senator Obama has said he does not think they committed impeachable offenses. Betraying one's country is being a traitor and I do believe McKinney (and Feingold) had it right and Obama has it wrong.

But Obama did vote to "kill babies" so still gets my vote. The reason he voted as he did was to ensure a pregnant woman that was in a car accident, for instance, could receive emergency room treatment from a doctor, even if that treatment would cause the woman's body to abort the fetus. Imagine a doctor being hauled off to jail for murder of a fetus while doing his job: saving the mother-to-be's life! Obama (and McKinney) have the smarts to know the Bill was a bad one and voted in the best interest of females and medical care personnel.

I read the Bill. I wonder if the article writer read it. And all the people that bash our reps that represent all the people not just the Religious zealots. I admire Senator Obama for having the ability to put his religious beliefs aside when making decisions that affect people with other beliefs.

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