Monday, December 31, 2007

Dreams from My Father

Reading "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance" by Barack Obama, copyright 1995. Not exactly sure the date he started writing it, but do recall as I packed everything that would fit in the car, November 1994, to drive to California what I was thinking. "If I am going to be homeless, I would rather be homeless in a warm climate." 2007, Long Beach has caught up with those places I lived back east and housing here is now no longer affordable.

Read an aritcle yesterday that said 15,517 students in Oregon are homeless, an increase of 18%. The increase in Prime Mortgage Rates is cited as causing more families to be living in motels or sleeping on relative's couches. The count does not take into account teen run-a-ways who are fleeing domestic violence. Law is they have to be returned home, so they hide out. Once getting help through homeless networking, they often become chronically homeless or lifetime criminals.

Dubai is a tiny little part of the United Arab Empire, yet swiftly becoming a huge tourist attraction for the wealthy. Donald Trump and Neil Bush (GWB's brother) are part of the wealth building the wealth in Dubai on the backs of the poor who provide the labor and can never hope to afford to stay in those luxury resorts or buy a spot on the Palm Frond islands they build. Wages are withheld for months and if an employee decides to quit and return to their own country they do no get paid at all.

Reading "Dreams from My Father" I can see why Senator Obama has been tailor made for role as leader. He learned lessons in the economics of rich and poor, government corruption and power they use to keep the poor in their place early in life. Obama tells the people he can not do it alone or is unifying the downtrodden to fight the evil of the greedy few. We, the citizens of the world have not moved ahead much more than in the days of slaves building Pyramids for the Kings and Queens of Egypt.

In a way, many homeless people have given up trying to "fight the power". That seems to have always been a losing battle through the centuries. Can't fight City Hall, and weary of the war, might as well declare defeat and bide ones time until death.

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