Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Woman Presidental Candidate

another post from All About Mary website, Monday, Feb 19, 2007

How many women have been candidates for US President? Truly do not know, but found out today, a female ran for the office 135 years ago! Wow! What makes it even more interesting her running mate was a former slave. That is, a "black" man! Double wow!

Victoria Woodhull and Frederick Douglass ran under the "Equal Rights Party". Truly don't remember learning about that in any Public School History classes. Or any discussions about politics.

Speaking of Presidential candidates, I vaguely remember when John F Kennedy was running for President. There was some controversy about his age. Debates centered on his being too young for the Office, and Catholic. Today it's Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama creating buzz. ran an article about Mr Obama that created a bit of flak.

Salon's blurb about the article said he started his Career as an "uppity" young man. Uppity? WTF? Salon, removed the offensive word, and apologized, claiming it was an oversight. Oversight, my arse! Racism is alive and kicking in the US of A. Bashing candidates is common practice, but the word "uppity" would never be used to describe a white man or woman. Sigh.

As much as I'd like to see a female President, I would not vote for Ms Clinton, because she voted to limit our Freedom as Americans. Cynthia McKinney would get my vote if she were running, because she voted against the Patriot Act, which is anything but patriotic. I try to imagine a female Commander in Chief. How would she have responded to the September 11 destruction of the WTC buildings? Would a woman be able to order the killing of women and children in other countries? Would she try to find a more peaceful solution to solving problems, then by resorting to war?

If Mr Obama is indeed, uppity, willing to buck the status quo, I think that would be a good thing. It seems all civilizations keep doing the same things they have been doing, and getting the same results, rather than trying something new and better.It's not 1872 anymore, can we change for the better, instead of creating more future bitter?

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