Friday, December 7, 2007

Laughing at Myself

I knew even before I read that Salon dot com article about Senator Obama, that I wanted him to be President of the United States of America. That was as bad as voting for Bill Clinton because he appeared on MTV and admitted to smoking pot. That is why I tell people I voted for Bill. I convinced my son to register to vote that year. We both got hit up with a city tax we did not know existed, thank you, for doing our civic duty! I swore I would never register to vote again. Of course, when I moved to California I broke my vow.

The problem with the tax, was that my son's bill was less than mine and he earned more per hour than I did. Not fair! It was an occupation tax and my occupation was Sandblast Artist. I fought with the city people; but they refused to bend. Ya see, Sandblasting is a trade that pays like $15. to $18. an hour. Skilled labor. Datburn, I had on the job training and was making a tad bit more than minimum wage. I was not out sandblasting sidewalks and buildings, I was indoors, sandblasting fine glassware. Starving Artist, always!

Back to Bill. Of course I did not base my vote on pot and MTV. That appearance got me interested in the election and I started watching the debates on television and reading stuff in the nearest big city newspaper about all the candidates. Informed choices that year. This year, thanks to the Internet, I am even more informed and basing my vote on a lot of research.

Obama almost lost me, because he voted Yes on the Patriot Act. I weighed choices and felt his pro-female choice on abortion was more important to me for my granddaughters. Miscogynism has gotta go. I see miscogynism is not a word according to Firefox spellcheck. I am leaving it! I am uppity at times. Of course sassy is the word applied or something like that.

I am laughing at myself, because it was indeed that Salon dot com article that almost had me voting for Obama with knowing anything more about him than what I read in that article. I am also laughing at my mistake in an article I wrote, inspired by my last post. Hey, not my fault, I was not the one that started the "Is America ready for a black man for President" stuff.

If you wonder about my gaffe, read the article!

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