Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lupe Moreno

Lupe apologizes for becoming emotional, during an Interview about the "Day Without Immigrants" violence in Santa Ana California. She fears for her life. Her neighborhood is comprised of 78% Illegal Mexican immigrants. What these neighbors did on May 1st was to break into closed government buildings, stabbed one government worker in the chest with a Mexican flag stick, terrorizing them. They threw bottles and rocks at the police; a SWAT team had to be called in, when some were preventing the illegals from taking down the USA flag, and replacing it with a Mexican one. They stormed the Freeways, (if you haven't been on one, you've surely seen them on television or movies) taking their "peacefulness" to the busy highways, rather than keeping them on the streets, that the government had allowed to be used for the boycott. They also spray painted on a major road (Bristol) "This Is Mexico". Huh?

Her daughter works in one of the government buildings affected. She is especially fearful, because she is well known among the Hispanic community. She is active in lobbying against ILLEGAL immigration. Her Mexican born father taught her to love and respect the laws of the United States. She is considered a "traitor" to "her people", because she refuses to join the very real movement to put California (and other states) under Mexican control.

Lupe says, "wake up, America, we are in trouble". Her town of Santa Ana wasn't the only California town where violence erupted. Prior to the mass public protest, the Oceanside, California school district banned US flags from the school, due to parental pressure, claiming the US flags displayed in a US school were "disruptive to their children" and "racist". The bullying students tore down US flags in front of local stores, and otherwise harassed citizens prior to the boycott. Vista California also had minor incidents with students throwing rocks & bottles at the police. Concerned citizens can listen to the interview here.

I applaud Lupe Moreno for being brave enough to speak the truth, while mainstream Media, doesn't inform the public about the realities of Illegal Mexican border hoppers are doing. But rather plays on the sympathies of loving human beings. As Lupe said, "wake up America".

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2006

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