Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Question

This was my nest post regarding my article "Will Obama Girl Help or Hinder the Senator's Campaign?":

The question now is "Will Senator Obama's aggressive stance on "the war on terror" help or hinder his campaign?".

As a Marine Iraqi War Vet said on a You Tube video showing his support for Senator Obama said: "for every 3 0r 4 enemy we kill, we wake up 10 or 12 more". Al-Qaeda does not terrorize me, the KKK does. The Mexican-Mafia, MS-13, Crips, Blood wars that take innocent lives on the streets of LA and Long Beach terrorize me. La Razas, MEChAs, Brown Berets terrorize me. White Supremacists terrorize me. Rapists, abusive men terrorize me. Bad cops terrorize me, as does "1984" Big Brother is watching you government.

This Iraqi mother and dead baby were never my enemies:

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