Saturday, December 29, 2007

Religious Zealots

I am tempted to believe that behind every religious zealot, is an uncomfortable personal history. Some childhood trauma perhaps, the loss of a loved one. Being unable to accept that everyone born must someday die. Look at the premise of most major religions, after death comes life in paradise everlasting. That is, if only one does good, while living here on earth. Let's look at some of this goodness. The early Hebrews sacrificed children to their God. Yuck, who would want a god that devalues human life? Did He put us here for his sadistic pleasure, watching the screaming children being dumped into a hollow statue to be burned alive by the fires below? Did he enjoy watching the angry mob stoning other people to death? Seeing young girls being forced to have sex with older men, the men choosing who should be her husband? Shoot, I'd rather be an atheist, if believing in a Hebrew god is all the choice I have.

Maybe they had some childhood trauma that makes them so angry, who's to say?* I don't know how many Angry Atheists are killing and being killed in the name of god. How many are shooting abortion doctors for instance, or strangers in Iraq. Driving steam rollers over a woman, or locking them up in jails, raping, burning them at stakes, forcing them to adhere to a dress code. I've never gotten mailings from them, unsolicited, as I have from the KKK and "Focus on the Family", two groups with firm believers in their Christian god. Rambling**.

**That word rather explains the 912 words. Do not feel like editing.
from Angry Atheists Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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