Monday, January 7, 2008

Are US Citizens Dumb?

Last night, rather night before last as it is past midnight as I type, I promised myself not to turn on the computer and connect to the Internet in the morning. Of course I did. I checked one email account and the next thing you know it was 3:30 in the afternoon. Politics! I was all in a positive happy frame of mind watching Obama's supporters. AC (Associated Content) has new and improved their layout. I want to write an article "Are AC Editors Racists?". Some AC CPs (Content Producers) attended the Iowa Caucuses. They showcased one article on the front page for a very short time. Since they still have an old article right there on top for everyone to see. The title is very misleading. "What Is Obama's Race? Age?" and other stuff. The article is not about that but a Christian bashing rant about Obama and abortion.

It is upfront because the CP has had over a million page views. The page views are a total for all articles, I later discovered about this new design. There are a dozen new timely articles that are favorable to Obama. Some favorable to other candidates. I am obviously partial to Obama, but do read some of the other stuff. I can not believe that people favor Ms. Clinton. Romney? Omigod, I suddenly realized why those Ron Paul supporters are so darn desperate they resort to trolling and spamming You Tube and AC comments and Personal Messages boxes.

That is how my day went. A quick intention to read new comments on my articles and onto other things. Deez a CP I took an instant dislike to, the I Am Not A Racist but let me tell you the truth about black people I know it all because I am a Corrections Officer left me a very positive comment on my Obama aritcle. "I liked that you ended the article with a quote from him." I wrote the article simply because I fell in love with the photo and image I posted here. I have a few loyal readers at AC. Gee, I felt bad about not liking Deez. I love the guy now. I had to give him a page view as a thank you for the comment.

Deez wrote an excellent article about the Euro and the war in Iraq. I worry about Obama at times. I sent him a message via his Senate website on that issue. You see one thing leads to another and the next thing you know 1/2 a day has gone by. I blog about m Internet addiction on my new Ma's Games, btw. Larry Fowler who seldom publishes at AC was living in my old hometown right about the time Imus got canned and flooding was happening. I PMed Larry suggesting a piece about Rutgers College and the flooding, he having a front row seat and me hungry for first person news. Larry suddenly started publishing. He suddenly decided Obama is his man.

That said only to say that was how my just a quick trip to AC became a omigod I best turn off this darn computer day. Romney. Larry (I think) wrote about the New Hampshire debate. Looks like Obama and Edwards are teaming up to diss Hillary. Hillary has been the attack dog and I do not trust Edwards due to his buddy/buddy with her in an old debate. I did not like to hear about Obama and Edwards. In my mind Hillary's "We proved the citizens want change" after her loss in Iowa, the we meaning she and Obama and the new Obama/Edwards stuff was like the two of them now want to be linked to him and Edwards won his favor.

I do not know if this is true. I fear that Obama's bad press due to the debate might cost him potential voters. Perhaps Clinton's ploy? Oh, poor little lady being beat up by the guys to gain female sympathy? When I said on Facebook I would kill myself if Obama was not elected our next President someone said that was a bit extreme. At the time I meant it. That is what the GWB regime has done to me. Left me helpless and hopeless.

I was interested in seeing for myself the New Hampshire debates. Clinton and Edwards You Tube workers are slow. So it was I came upon a video clip that worked with Romney. He won the Republican caucus in Wyoming. See any headline news about that one? I have not paid much attention to Republicans but I remember checking all of the candidates out at You Tube's You Choose '08 by viewing their intro videos. Few got second looks. Romney must have one of them.

When I found the shared video I did not last beyond a few sentences. The man was telling the people that GWB was a great Pres that always acted in the best interests of the people to keep them safe from terrorists. Back to Deez's article about the Euro and real reason for the invasion in Iraq. Omigod everyone is declaring Romney a winner in those New Hampshire debates. I went from a positive frame of mind and hope for the US of A to hopeless in no time flat. The bottom line for all this rambling and how today went is I started wondering if I should be voting for Ron Paul (all his irritating supporters will be glad to hear that from me) or Dennis Kucinich or no one at all.

The decider was the theft of all personal identify info of (Davenport?) voters in Tennessee. An AC article from an CP titled "Apathetic Voters?". Ah, Obama has us scared let us scare them into not voting was what came to mind. Homeless and on the dole WTF do I care? No longer paranoid about the government coming to take me away marching me into those newly remodeled old military barracks being readied for an expected influx of "illegal aliens" that Halliburton subsidiaries get the contracts for for and hires illegals with bought for $20. in NYC IDs...

The poster thought me extreme with preferring death?

People think Romney is oh so wonderful? They think Clinton would make a great Pres? For the rich maybe. What about the homeless? Does she plan to "under government penalty" march them into the US's newly remodeled barracks if they fail to purchase mandatory health care? What is wrong with people if they think Huckabee, Romney or Ms. Clinton qualified to serve the citizens. Hillary and Rudy especially turned me off with their me boss/you obey brand of politics. 1984 Big Brother (or Sister) is watching you. Obama has my vote. I do not relate to Carol Paul and do not agree with Ron's stance on females right to choose. I like Kucinich but think his peace sign is too childish for mainstream America and Presidents.

I would love a less conventional Pres than Obama, but reality is showing up to caucus in a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, earring (for a guy, nose ring for young Elizabeth), white powdered wig or ruffled blouse (for men, back then females and slaves were not considered people but property), would suit me fine, but not suit the majority of voters. Obama is the only choice for '08. He is "close enough to perfect" for me.

Not having solved my personal problems and not really having a future Obama and the election is a good thing for me. Even if it means watching a day go by wasting electricity with my Internet addiction. Got me through another boring weekend. If it were not for Obama's vision and message of hope, might have drowned myself in the bathtub already.

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