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Box Cutters

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Box Cutters

What I remember reading or hearing on the News. A man grabs a passenger, slit the throat with a box cutter. Imagine that, on a plane, a passenger jumps up and slits another's throat. Oh my. The sudden action is to shock and take control. Paralyze. That's what I read. That's the reply to "why did a whole plane full of people not do something about a couple of guys with box cutters?". The enemy had swiftly and effectively disabled their ability to take action, to think. Or so we are told.

What I wonder is, how did they know this happened. A plane flies into a tall building, did the passengers all die, right then, right there upon impact? Did anyone get out of the plane, run down the stairs, find a phone, explain what happened upon the plane? Oh, I guess there were some cell phone calls. The terrorists wanted it to be known, so go ahead and call the people on the ground. I want to talk to one of those people that got the phone call. I want to see them on National television. Perhaps they were. I didn't own a tv at the time. Isn't it ironic, then, that on the other plane, the passengers do overpower the terrorists. It seems like a bad movie script. How did the people on that plane know about the other 3 planes.

Questions, so many questions. There were times before, after a flood or natural disaster I would put myself in the victims place. How might it feel those last few seconds of life? Don't think I did this with the 911 affair. Maybe I just don't want to think about it, what if that had been me. Some days I do think President Bush is doing the right thing. Savages. Don't hear about Americans hijacking airplanes. Don't remember the last time I heard about a plane being hijacked. Do know of an American hijacking a bus once tho'. Was on a bus once, when a passenger was threatening to do so. I think about the mother with child, over there, being just as helpless as I am about what men do, the leaders. We are at their mercy, our fate is in their hands.

PS: Actually did find info where an US man stole a plane and intending to fly it into the White House, but crashed it on the lawn. See, that is the desired affect isn't it? To label people "Savages", after reading too much news. Don't know the color of skin or nationality of the men, rapists in the Congo. Hitler ordered brutality. Look at the rioting in Mexico, (most "Americanos" suffer our fate silently as the government uses "eminent domain" to steal our land, paying unfair a price to build Stadiums or roads. The Mexicans beat up the officers, burn their cars, and the airport expansion, doesn't happen) Was chided for not watching the news. "You have to stay informed!". This is the reason why. Hard to remain positive in a world so filled with horrors, over which I have no control.
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May 10, 2006

Today part of the transmission from plane to ground is released. We are not allowed to hear every word. I wonder why. I want to hear the whole thing. Why was the radio left on the whole time? Is that normal airplane to ground control procedure? Or did the terrorists want it to go on record?

I love the Internet. I am naive. Why don't the leaders of the US of A just tell us the truth. We need to have military bases here, and there, and there. What those people said on a forum was true. Most of the people were from India. The debate was if they should form an alliance with the US or China. Because I did not know about the importance of US military bases, I said I doubt that the US would be planning that. Dumb, no one is going to risk Nuclear War, I said. Guess I am the dumb one.

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