Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cut The Drama, Vote Obama

Yikes, I can not believe I actually liked Bill Clinton and voted for him. I do not know if he is acting like a hysterical girl or an angry toddler. The Press is even worse; I feel like I am reading National Enquirer headlines, not somewhat respectable newspapers~online, that is.

"SC WILL BE DECIDED BY GENDER OR RACE" proclaims a headline. Sad if it is. Gee, I feel guilty if I vote based on past voting records, integrity and because I like the ideas the candidates espouse. Because dagnabbit, my vote will be declared to have been based on race or gender. Of course some doo-doos are doing exactly that. Shakes her head in wonder and disbelief. No wonder why we have such lousy elected officials.

I get this urge to run around the streets screaming WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Who was Senator Clinton speaking to when she unfavorably compared Martin Luther King Jr to LBJ? Now her hubby is throwing the "he played the race card" accusation at Obama? Was Ms. Clinton considering those who lost loved ones in the battle to bestowed with normal human rights are still alive? Rev. Jackson, for one stood on the porch with Dr. King when he was slain. Might he find that remark cold and calloused remembering he children that died in the bombed church? Her attack was abusive and aimed at Obama. Only a privileged white woman could even think to discredit the thousands that lived through those years of Jim Crow. The bravery of women like Rosa Parks. Where is the pride?

Bill Clinton Accuses Obama Camp of Stirring Race Issue

"Voting for president along racial and gender lines "is understandable because people are proud when someone who they identify with emerges for the first time," the former president told a Charleston audience while campaigning for his wife."

I guess it is true, I identify with Senator and Mrs. Obama. I never identified with bigoted rich white people. Senator Obama speaks for me when he talks about a UNITED States of America and unity. Bill and Hillary both remind me of my lying ex-husband. The abuser playing victim. He who shouts loudest and stamps his foot in protest can bully the opposition into submission. He is a known womanizer. Does he think there are females that find her vote for Iraq a womanly thing to do? Does he not know about us Code Pink ladies? Who is he speaking to?

The Clinton's can single handedly take away all the hope Senator Obama gave me for a brighter future for my grandchildren and the lives of helpless, innocent children in Iraq. Now she wants to go ahead and invade Iran? Yeah, I guess there are heartless women in South Carolina that will vote for Hillary. But some of those are black, too. I guess they forgot what it was like to victims of oppression by bullies and have a lack of compassion for females that are being oppressed now due to the likes of Clinton/Bush/Cheney and those who support their evil. No, Bill, this post is not from the Obama Camp of stirring up trouble; it is from your wife and you doing so.

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