Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enumeration & Feminist for Obama

Research lead me to looking up the word enumeration, from the Bill of Rights. It simply means: list. History & Problems of American Democracy aka: PAD, were least favorite subjects in High School. Yet I maintained A or B grades in the subjects. Would think I would know what that word meant.

The Bill of Rights, tells us that anything not listed, the right belongs to the States, or the person. Thus, laws are passed by the Government, then the state, and each law that is passed means it is on "the list" or another personal right taken away, by---whom? Some guys got together one day, said we are forming a Nation "of, for and by the People", well, gee whiz, I am a people, do I have a choice?

Posted on Sunday, Apr 16, 2006

I am a feminist for Obama. Gloria Steinem wrote an article decrying feminists who are choosing Obama over Clinton. She said the New Hampshire results showed that as feminists age they become more radial. I am no more or less radical now than I was in the 1960s.

It was Oprah Winfrey (I think may have been Alice Walker) that turned me on to Nora Neale Thurston, when she went searching for her grave to put a headstone on it. I no longer have my old copied quotes from library books I read. I am sure in my mind that it Nora who said what I felt. When the Constitution said: All men are created equal, I thought that meant humans, not male. (Any help in correcting my info appreciated.)

Ya see,
Gloria, I believe that my sisters in Iraq and their children are just as equal to me in their rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Ms. Clinton did not. She does not even have enough integrity to admit the truth. Now that she wants voters she lies about what she said to us Code Pink ladies a few years back. Her lack of compassion and empathy for the females of Iraq cost her of my support.

You, Ms. Steinem and Ms. Clinton can take your breaking the ultimate glass ceiling feminist whining and shove it where the sun does not shine. I do believe Michelle Obama is a strong female. Obama adores her. Tis' said in the past behind every great man is a woman. A vote for a Obama is the right choice for feminists.

What has Ms. Clinton done to squelch the overthrow of Roe vs. Wade with all this experience and expertise ya all attribute to her?

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