Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The majority of people who voted in Florida believe lying under oath to the Supreme Court is acceptable behavior and a great role model as First Man in the White House. Believe? Yeah, right. Worse is the numbers who believe that we are fighting Muslim terrorists and are ignorant or do not care why we are slaughtering innocent people in Iraq. Sad that on the Democrat side more females voted versus less female Republicans. I do not verify those Exit Poll stats are accurate.

D-Clinton 856,944
R-Mc Cain 693.425
R-Romney 598,152
D-Obama 568,930
R-Giuliani 281,755*
R-Huckabee 259,703
D-Edwards 248,575
R-Paul 62,060
R-Thompson 22,287*
R-Kucinich 9,535*
R-Hunter 2,787*

The last three candidates have dropped out of the race, so wonder if those that voted for them know they voted for no one to be their party choice in November. Their candidates decided they do not want the job. I read that Giuliani is on the verge of announcing his exit.

I am really sad that dishonesty still wins votes. I do not know if I can last another year of GWB and if a Republican or Hillary is next up to dictate, I might as well drown myself now. Hard to believe in my ability when the whole world is against me. Or at least an overwhelming majority of Florida voters. I already know at least 1,391 people will not vote for Hillary in November. I do not know who Kucinich's people will vote for and I suppose Edwards will give Clinton their nod. Sad.

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