Friday, January 11, 2008

Gender versus Race

I am so tired of this media created frenzy over gender versus race. Number one I believe in one race the human kind. Prior to 1800 something the word race meant something akin to country of origin. A German scientist created a Caucasian race and a Negro race. His theory fell out of favor in Europe rather quickly. Even the USA government wished to classify us. As far back as I can trace my ancestry they were not from the area now mostly known as Russia or USSR. I am not Caucasian and Caucasian is considered white.

I am more likely to be able to trace my ancestry through my father to Africa and possibly black skinned people than lighter pigments. My mother's ancestry might be traced to Iberians, also light pigmented people. People keep talking about Obama as a black candidate or an African/American candidate. If anything he is a biracial candidate. I think of him as an Irish/American born of a Kenyan father and raised for a while by his Indonesian step-father. Rather a bit of true US citizen, almost a mutt. My kids did not appreciate my joking about mixed ancestry calling them mutts. My granddaughters are even more mixed than my children.

As I see it many multi-cultured families in the USA. I rather like the idea of Obama to represent us all. As Pres maybe he can end the census counting and say "US born citizens?" "Non-citizen?" "Naturalized citizen" and forget about where we all came from via our long dead ancestors.

Reading comments on Steinem's article and another by Francis Kissling, I noticed a lot of berating or condoning a movement election. Vote for Clinton and women's equality. One person pointed out that equality for all should take precedence. I agree. Senator Obama is not a misogynist. He may be a lot of things of which I am not currently aware. Yet, he inspires my trust and appears to be a man of integrity.

I did some hard thinking and it was feminism that won Obama my support. The Patriot Act is a danger to citizen democracy. Yet females make up about 1/2 the population. I can not have my granddaughter's delegated to "Men rule and govern on your freedom of choice". At least the Patriot targets all citizens not just females. Rather an equal opportunity offender. No one will convince me that Alice Walker is not a staunch feminist and what is considered upon GWB law, an enemy combatant. She supports Obama. So do I.

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