Sunday, January 13, 2008


Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

"What is wrong with the world, today, mama..." flashed in my mind. There is nothing wrong with the world~except for man's insistence upon destruction of it an careless, greedy, uncaring about the environment~it is the people of the world that make stuff wrong. There is truly, nothing new under the sun. Why ever do we not have laws governing those who govern?

Should not integrity be the number one quality in choice of who we hire via our votes to serve as our representatives in City Halls and most especially the White House? Why do we not hold those people accountable for their crimes? Why do people shrug their shoulders and say, so what, every politician lies.

Aweeee, those terrible children of today, I here people complaining. What part of Children Learn How To Be Adults By Watching The Adults Around Them Do You Not Get? Well, gee, son, if you cheat on your wife, lie about it, even under oath in the highest court of the land, you can still grow up to be First Man in the White House. You will, of course, son, need to select your wife with care. She must lack scruples and all forms of common decency and integrity. Ruthless and willing to sink to any low in her quest for power. It helps if she can cry on cue, also.

I feel for Bill's charisma too. Makes me worry about my support of Barack Obama. Except I did a lot more research this time around, rather than listening to debates on television to help me decide. To the best of my knowledge Senator Obama is not a crook. I trust that he is sincerely concerned about people. He does not want to be President because it will look good on a resume. He is not interested in breaking the ultimate black glass ceiling~although I am sure he would love to do so.

I get the feeling that he would be just as content to say: I quit. I would rather stay home with my wife and my girls taking leisurely strolls around the lake in Chicago. Yet he continues. He knows he has the right stuff, the good stuff, the integrity stuff. He even knows that he is human and bound to make mistakes. Unlike Ms. Know-it-All I will not budge Clinton. My way or no way; you all, the citizens of this fine country, have no choice~"it would be easier if this were a dictatorship and I were the dictator" GWB clone.

What. Is. Wrong. With. The. World. Today. Mama.

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