Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Little Obama Girl

I can not wait 'till two thousand and eight...


Must say I can not wait until January 3rd and the election results. I doubt that I ever noticed primary election results. I most definitely never looked forward with pins and needles to the Iowa caucuses, not that I ever knew what a caucus was before Senator Obama brought me hope for a better future. Like a light at the end of the tunnel of GWB's dark gloomy years Obama shone brightly. Almost wish it were already January 2009. The Bush clan still has a year to do some more damage. Refuse to be negative because positivism's or possibilities is what Obama and Mrs. O give to me.

Looked into going to Las Vegas this month to help with the campaign. A look in the mirror at my gum disease and missing teeth brings on the whybotherism. I do get turned off by even Obama's campaign fund raising drives. I think of all the housing for the homeless those donations could be buying for those without a roof over their heads. Heartless police thrashing their tents, destroying their belongings, rousting from unobtrusive campsites along city rivers.

I do believe Obama's heart is in the right place. I believe if we the people elect him, he will start making those changes that will prevent future homelessness by improving the economy, ensuring equal opportunity and education for all.

Please choose wisely and cast a vote in 2008.

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