Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love versus Hate

And in this corner we have the lady in the pink* trunks with her boxing gloves on seeking to divide the people along ethnic and gender lines; man against woman; feminist against feminist; rich black folk against poor black folk; hopeful against hopeless; honest against dishonest; intelligent against lack of intelligence; forward movers versus the fairy tale let us move back in time when a liar ruled the White House.

And in this corner we have the man in the suit and tie that is calling for peace and unity, giving people hope for a brighter tomorrow, a voice in our own government, a hope that, yes, we, too the little guy can make a positive difference in our own and our children's future.

*I use pink, even tho' the dear lady Clinton is in no way a Code Pink lady, simply because most people associate pink with females, not knowing pink used to be the color of Knights. The male kind.

I am feeling as hopelessly frustrated as I did before Senator Obama gave me a small glimmer of hope. To stand by and watch her steal Senator Obama's ideas and pass them off as her own to an unsuspecting public that are falling for her lies, hook, line and sinker.

" took a president to get it done." That still stings. It did not take a Rosa Parks? It did not take a Susan B. Anthony? It did not take a Mary McLeod Bethune? It did not take Jackie Robinson? It did not take the good and decent 'white' people who knew in their hearts right from wrong? Power hungry GWB clone. The Bush years have ended my belief in a God of love. Because it offended a daughter, I started saying "Bless you" long before the Dictator took office. I have a hard time saying the G-word anymore. But to all the citizens~legally living or bypassing the law~all I can say is God Bless America if the low-down lady wins #1: Democrat bid and somehow can beat a Republican in November. All those Christian supporters really need to judge her by their Bible standards. Of course, those same Christians trust in the lying Bush regime, so hopeless once again.

Rich rule, poor get slaughtered. Wish euthanasia was legal because I can not take another second of the Clinton ugliness and those who support it.

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