Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Results

Hillary Clinton 110,172 39%
Barack Obama 102,409 37%
John Edwards 47,650 17%
Others 19,124 7%

Tired of waiting for the end results. 95% of the precincts had reported at 1:39AM East Coast time with 288 our of 301 counted. (Firefox has been as annoying as IE today possibly due to using Fox News site to watch the actual votes coming in.) Midway between counts the site switched to that format. Last I saw Richardson had 5%, Kucinich, Dodd and Biden held steady at 1%. There were "write-in" votes and "other". I would assume other meant Green Party type third parties.

I heard a lot about Hillary's crying and found the video to watch. She said "I know what is going on and I want what is best for this country" quoted from memory. I do not think so. Mandatory Health Care with penalty is more GWB Hitler like government. Do as I command, no freedom of choice.

Because I went to her personal site after almost vomiting to leave her a personal message asking her about Code Pink, I also watched a video titled Integrity, Honesty and I forget what. How cute. It starts with her husband telling the citizens I did not have sex with that lady. I guess the integrity part was later admitting the truth? "If I had been president..." she says after her hubby's stuff and blah, blah, blah. "We acted on faulty intelligence" she said of her reason for supporting the war in Iraq. Now she claims she would never have went to Iraq. Her husband was a two-timer and she appears to be as well.

"The government has to lie to the people" she said in a debate. Why, Ms. Clinton should we believe anything you say? Obama is not only likable, he is believable. You certainly fool people Hillary and have the nerve to say you have the country's best interests in mind?

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