Saturday, January 19, 2008

Peace & Untity

Attended Long Beach's 20th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Peace and Unity day parade and celebration today. I goofed because I had to follow the New Orleans style dancers to the park and missed a lot of the parade by wandering around looking at the booths. I gave my Obama button to a lovely lady, because I hardly get out of the house now-a-days due to the leg/foot thingy and hope it will be getting seen more as we are so close to election day.

I saw three or four other Obama shirts at the celebration, but most people were wearing the local district councilman's T-shirt with Dr. King on the front and message. Councilman Dee Andrews did much of the announcing during the program and I had to put my glasses on to try to get a better look. The guy on the stage seemed like a hep 20 something year old guy and I was sure the gentleman was a bit older. He looked much different than the suit and tie guy I saw when I attended my first City Council meeting a few weeks ago. Now, he is the kind of politician I like. Casual dress, happy smile, relaxed and enthusiastic~not stiff and political like.

Along the parade route and at the park people were passing out Stop The War cards announcing a large peace demonstration on March 15th. I was disappointed in the Nevada results. Do people not know that Hillary has already voted yes to Bush's resolution to go into Iran? How many lives are going to be lost due to what Hillary calls "George Bush's war"? She is a two-tongued lady and the people are being as deceived by her as they were by GWB's "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

Senator Obama has asked his supporters not to talk negatively about her. Yet I am tired of war. I am tired of people being divided. I think most all those who attended the Peace & Unity celebration would agree they want peace, but who knows the workings of other's minds.

So a good and bad day for me.

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