Sunday, January 6, 2008

Set A Wave In Motion

I liked that photo of Obama with his current campaign site quote added so much I wrote an article for Associated Content I titled: Set A Wave In Motion

I do get carried away. I doubt that I get many visitors at this site and have a few loyal readers at AC. Hoped to inspire some of them. Read several excellent articles from people who attended the Iowa Caucuses. Again do not know if my phantom readers are interested in those first hand accounts. I had a bit of fun reading the "Iowa Caucus Prediction" articles. Connie Wilson was fairly accurate with hers. One article was so off, I wanted to make a snide comment about picking lottery numbers or horse race winners.

Obama said in the morning when asked that he expected to do well, but would not say he expected to win first place in the contest. I would not predict at all. It was a litmus test for me. One of the newscasters mentioned Michelle saying if they did not get Iowa the dream was over. I very much wanted to see number one. His win was my win for every person who told me Hillary has it all sown up and oh, those Ron Paul trollers with their unsolicited advice! They think annoying people is the way to garner support?

I especially liked to see the unsure and I was voting for X and I am sure of Obama and switching. A BIG THANK YOU IOWA residents for restoring my faith in people. Thank you to all those who Obama's volunteers and paid staff for their work. A thank you to Michelle for believing and of course, to the man himself.

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