Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina by Number of Voters

The South Carolina votes by numbers has given me a bit more hope for the end of the dark years of an unbending Republican one-sided government for the government at the expense of the people. I am still not happy that so many people think an impeached ex-President would be a good role model as First Man in the White House. Especially now that Bill Clinton has made it clear that he thinks people do not have the ability to choose a candidate based on issues rather than gender or race. Bad enough he slams Obama, but now he has also slammed me. Obama does not do my thinking for me and if the Clinton's do not want negative press maybe they better stop the lying and Hitler propaganda tactics to break her ultimate glass ceiling at the expense of dead children and babies in Iraq.

My results come from MSN dot com which lists 98% of precincts reporting, although there were zero results listed for Chester County. The others were 91 to 98% done.

D-Barack Obama 289,126
R-John Mc Cain 147,283
D-Hillary Clinton 138,831
R-Mike Huckabee 132.440
D-John Edwards 92,581
R-Mitt Romney 67,132
R-Ron Paul 16,054
R-Rudy Giuliani 9,494

R-Duncan Hunter 1,048 dropped out supports Huckabee
D-Dennis Kucinich 540 dropped out no endorsement
R-Fred Thompson 69,467 dropped out no endorsement found

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