Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tax Trivia

02:33, Wednesday, February 15, 2006

...did U Know U have to buy 77 6 packs of beer in California to equal the amount of tax paid on a carton of cigarettes? It's 22 6 packs in Pennsylvania & New Jersey; 5.5 in Alabama; 13.3 in Louisiana; 64.4 in Arizona; and a whopping 197.5 6 packs in New York. These figures may vary depending on current prices. Cigarette smoking isn't socially acceptable anymore as it was back in the day when"4 out of 5 doctors who smoked, smoked Doral" or whatever the old ads were. When they still sold cars with ashtrays built in the dashboard. Alcohol contributes to 2nd hand deaths (drunk driver's, murdered wives or ex-girlfriends) and causes preventable deaths through liver disease, VD's (alcohol consumption lowers inhibitions), heart disease, depression, abuse to name a few. So why isn't it as heavily taxed as cigarettes? For me, I'd rather be around a smoker, than a drunk person any day.

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