Friday, January 18, 2008

Transparent Government

Quoted without permission from Frank Sanchez's blog to save you time following the link:

Barack Obama is committed to a transparent government. My biggest problem with the Bush administration, and it is only one of many, is their secrecy and inaccessibility. George W. Bush surrounds himself with advisors who agree with everything he believes in and in closed door meetings they hash out policy decisions which affect us all.

Barack helped pass legislation to create the website USA Spending . This website arranges all government contracts in a transparent manner allowing anyone who cares to see exactly how his or her federal tax dollars are being spent. This transparency is essential to rooting out the corruption in Washington. Barack Obama wants to continue in this vein when he is president, video taping every insider meeting in Washington, and then put those videos on the internet. A giant, boring, government youtube. Corruption will evaporate like ether when exposed to such sunlight and scrutiny.

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