Thursday, January 31, 2008

Veterans Homelessness Prevention Act

Veterans Homelessness Prevention Act, S.2330
To authorize a pilot program within the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development with the goal of preventing at-risk veterans and veteran families from falling into homelessness, and for other purposes.

This Bill was introduced into Congress by Senator Obama and cosponsored by SenatorRobert Menendez of New Jersey on 11/8/07 . Good luck reading and understanding it! Basically it looks like it is asking Congress to allot money to provide housing for low-income veterans and their families. Senator Obama talks often about our troops and his concern for their welfare. He is aware of the post traumatic stress when soldiers return home and the need for a period of adjustment to prevent PTSD.

Visit Thomas online and search for S.2330 to read entire text of the bill.


rewinn said...

Thank you for this heads-up!

Information on other bills in Congress concerning homeless veterans:

Leanna said...

People should read this.