Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yahoo, Kucinich!

People have been speculating on Vice Presidents. How they would ever suggest a Hillary, Pres, Barack, VP is beyond me. I could not even see a (much better) Obama, Pres, Ms. Clinton, VP. I already know I will not vote Democratic if our lady Clinton gets the nomination. One lady said she would vote for her "holding my nose". My conscience would not allow me to vote for her under any circumstances. Too far distant to worry about at this moment, the big first day is upon us.

Have read all kinds of suggestions for a Pres/VP ticket, many putting Obama as VP, no way for me. He is a leader, not a follower. My suggestion was Obama, Pres, Kucinich, VP. I think Kucinich could temper Obama's war is okay under some circumstances stance. I do not foresee the US public being ready for a just turned 30 year old First Lady in the White House. Elizabeth is cool and she and Michelle would offer good balance. They both truly care about people. An Obama/Kucinich ticket is a winning combo for we, the people, of the United States of America.

Just read the news that Kucinich has asked his supporters to caucus for Obama if he does not reach the required %-ages needed to be a viable candidate. He, however, does not ask the same of his supporters in New Hampshire, which he aims to win. Does not matter to me as long as Clinton is outvoted in all states. I am not too sure of Edwards. I did not study him too much, but see him as in cahoots with the Ms. Clinton. We need new and we need change.

I considered Kucinich, but Obama has more knowledge about the impeachment process. I am happy that Kucinich is endorsing Obama is all I can add to that. 01/02/07

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