Tuesday, February 5, 2008


For some reason that old tune pops into mind: What did Della wear, she wore a brand new Jersey...think it was Perry Como. 100% Reporting:

Obama 51,124
Clinton 40,751
Mc Cain 22,626
Romney 16,344
Huckabee 7,706
Biden 2,863
Paul 2,131
Edwards 1,241

Come on people, you are voting for war in Iran if you are not voting for Obama. Not sure about Edwards, but I do know Biden was a safe choice. But both Edwards and Biden have chosen not to run for president. Sadly Democrats have two choices: known lies, drama and corruption or they can vote Obama. Wake up and do some research. If you must have a woman president go campaign for Cynthia McKinney. Neither she nor Obama are a part of that Bush/Cheney/Clinton oil and guns for drugs profit. Puh-lease do some research.

Thank you.

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