Monday, February 11, 2008

Maine Results

99% Democrats, 68% Republicans Reporting

2,362 Romney
2,079 Obama
1,396 Clinton
958 Mc Cain
851 Paul
268 Huckabee
94 Undecided Republican
18 Uncommitted Democrat
4 Thompson
2 Giuliani

Romney said in suspending his campaign the reason was to solidify the Republican party. They must not let Obama and Clinton take the White House. Two things wrong with that. One is the Republicans do not own the White House, it belongs to we, the people. Take the White House? Yes indeed the new American Revolution is taking place before my eyes, as we, the people try to take back our own government. Sigh.

The other wrong thing was his assumption of that idiotic "dream ticket". Obama is not, I repeat, is not running for Vice President. That people in Maine voted for people who are no longer running and that Paul did not trail much behind McCain scares me of what lies ahead in this people's fight for a voice in our own lives and our government.

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