Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maryland Results

Maryland 96% Reporting according to CNN Election 2008
475,053 Obama
277,941 Clinton
160,574 McCain
84,961 Huckabee
18,255 Romney
17,355 Paul
10,084 Uncommitted Democrat

Read an aritcle recently from a popular Associated Content writer. She said Huckabee's win in one of the states reaffirmed her faith in God. Funny, it is people like her (and I know a bit about her through her writing) that have turned me off on Christianity completely. Every time Obama does well, it restores my faith in humanity. I have pretty much lived my life according to the Christian principles I grew up with and see Obama embody those same virtues. I keep getting the urge to fall on my knees and pray: Thank you lord and thank you Jesus, hallelujah!

Tired of that rigid religious self-righteous Republicans who seem to think they are perfect and without sin, wanting to lord it over every other citizen in the USA. Freedom to Worship, they do not want. Go Obama! And Go Away Huckabee and Romney. We need new, fairness and equality. (and they will say that is Satan talking and pray for me, not taking a peek in the mirror at themselves before casting their stones)

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